Since its first appearance in September 1935, Jaguar has always been a distinct car that is in a class apart from the rest. Every Jaguar is designed to push boundaries with its beauty and performance.  This is the uncompromising vision of Jaguar’s founder, Sir William Lyons and are benchmarks that are adhered to till this day. Powerful, sleek, instinctive are all qualities that are reflected in Jaguars. As a Jaguar owner, you know that you belong to an exclusive group of motorists that make up less than 1% of the motoring public.

Jaguar engines and systems are highly sophisticated and technically engineered, requiring a high level of technician’s competency. Our Jaguar agent-trained technicians offer great attention to fine detail, specialist tooling and diagnostic equipment, and extensive knowledge developed over years of genuine interest and training in Jaguars. We adhere to the service schedule recommended by Jaguar and all our technicians use the same diagnostic equipment that you will find at the authorised dealer (agent).

To maintain original performance, all works are carried out using genuine Jaguar spare parts, while adhering to factory repair standards and techniques. Many workshops tend to go with the cheapest option of aftermarket OEM parts to try and keep costs down. While these parts will do the job, they do not have the quality or reliability of genuine Jaguar parts.

When it comes to maintaining your Jaguar, there is not much that we do not do. Whether your Jaguar needs repair or service or body repairs, we are able to provide you with a solution that is second to none. At Motor Edgevantage, we have specialist Jaguar knowledge and know-how to take care of your precious ride.

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