In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.
Ferry Porsche

This is the Porsche Principal and the guiding principle for Porsche to work tirelessly towards designing perfection. The underlying principal is to get the most of everything, how to translate performance into speed and success in the most intelligent way possible.

Because we acknowledge the Porsche Principal, we understand that every Porsche is a plethora of ideas working together to produce maximum performance.

Every Porsche is special, there is no substitute. Which is why when it comes to service, repair, diagnostic or enhancements for your Porsche, you should not entrust it to just anyone.

Our passion and dedication for Porsche means you will be leaving your pride and joy in safe hands at Motor Edgevantage. We provide high quality services for most models of Porsche and ensure your Porsche remains in its original condition and continues to perform to the highest level.

We have a dedicated team of Porsche trained and certified technicians that can work on petrol, diesel and hybrid variants and a fully equipped workshop, complete with the latest equipment and Porsche diagnostic tools to keep your Porsche properly maintained and performing at its best.

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